Solar Water Cylinder

The solar hot water cylinder is a very important part of the system - its job is to provide efficient storage for the free heat the solar collectors have produced. Suntask is the product range of choice for Energy Craft.

Energy Craft offer a FREE UPGRADE from copper cylinder to Suntask Duplex Stainless Steel Solar Water Cylinder

If your home is a suitable property, for no extra cost to help promote our efficient solar system!

More people are finding that today's requirement for plentiful hot water can only be met by storage systems. The ultimate provider of high pressure hot water is an unvented Suntask cylinder. Based on the company’s experience, the new Suntask cylinder is a high quality domestic unvented water tank employing the best technology by using 2304 Duplex stainless steel, tested valves, control sets and thermostats. Choose our cylinder and benefit from:

Mains Pressure Hot Water – capable of handling high pressure flows, powerful showers.

High Flow Rates – baths fill very quickly, ideal for multiple bathrooms.

Increased Hot Water Capacity -

Very Well Insulated - low heat loss, compact high density pre insulated, economical to run.

Attractive Finish Case and design - smart, tough and wipe clean. Made to measure to suit your housing and requirements,

Low Maintenance - no hidden costs> no hidden costs

25-Year Guarantee – Made from Stainless Shell – resistant to hard or acidic water, peace of mind.

Duplex Stainless Steel - superior corrosion resistance and long life, 100% recyclable.

Check out today to see if your property is suitably located for the free upgrade

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