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Our pre-mixed solar heat transfer solution is non-toxic and fully biodegradable with 90% degradation taking place over the first 30 days. Suntask antifreeze fluid is based on propylene glycol blended with corrosion inhibitors and ultra pure water. The formula ensures high solar temperature tolerance (170°C-200°C) and excellent freeze protection (-20°C). ..
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DN16 Flexible Pipe

Between the solar collector array and the cylinder, insulation of pipework is also important. Solar Craft use well-insulated, stainless steel, DN16 flexible piping for solar thermal systems to save time, reduce the cost of installation and most importantly to ensure a leak-free solution. The HeatCon Duo-Flex stainless steel solar pipe is designed to withstand high temperatures associated with sola .... ..
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Solar Expansion Vessel

Solar Craft systems come with the pressure relief and expansion control. Our Zilmet solar expansion vessels produced by the European leader in the thermo-hydraulic market ensure that the system pressure does not exceed or drop below the limits established in the system design. These expansion tanks allow for your solar heating system to operate at optimal pressure without activating the sa ..
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Solar Controller

Solar Craft bring to the Irish households the smartest differential temperature controller “smartSol” that has 15% higher efficiency, full graphic colour display for clear and logical visualization, innovative operating concept for easy handling, smart and time saving wiring concept, installation wizard for safe commissioning, service wizard for targeted and quick customer serv ..
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Solar Pump Station

Pump stations are an integral part of our efficient solar system. Our ICMA single and dual line pumping stations are pre-assembled and ready to plug-in. Pumps are used to circulate heat transfer fluid (antifreeze) in the primary or secondary solar hot water loops. The ICMA pump station includes interception ball valves with thermometers, WILO solar ST 20/6 pump for solar plants, air vent group, 6 ..
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