How to Set-up Your Solar PV System to Function at Its Most

Solar Photovoltaic System can come in handy when it comes to harnessing solar energy for cost and energy saving living. As a reputable supplier of the best solar panels in Ireland, we understand the matter in hand – in the time of urgency. Solar energy is free as the sun don’t ask you to pay on a monthly term in exchange for its solar radiation as your electricity supplier asks you every month. However, you will be required to make a one-time investment for solar panel installation in Ireland. Your one-time investment is the lifetime investment as clean solar energy save the environment and you from the hassle of paying recurring energy bills – all grist to the mill.

Look for no other than us if you are looking for a cost and energy saving living with solar panel installation at your place. We are one of the most accomplished vendors on the land who can supply you the solar appliances and PV systems for your site and get them in function with prompt and proper installation. We have a wide range of solar panels for sale in Ireland with different power generating capacity and for different usage.

The solar panels generate DC (direct current) similar to that generated by a battery. An inverter in the line of solar panel system converts the current from DC to AC (alternating current). The generated electricity can feed most of the electrical loads in your home, and you can store excess of the power produced in a battery for later use. Since there is no cost for it, it seems to be an extraordinary setup – value for money.

If you are planning out to have a similar solar system set-up at your place, but don’t have any idea of making a right choice for size and right battery system, here are the three-pointers to get some grounding of the system:

What Size of Solar Panel System Will Be Right for Your Home?

There are certain factors upon which the size of the solar panel system is determined for a particular household. Our solar panel consultants can help you bag the perfect size of a solar panel system for your home. However, you must be aware of the factors, e.g. your energy requirement, the orientation of your roof, number of appliances you want solar support for.

A 2 kW (kilowatt) solar power system is capable of generating the electricity to meet the daily need of an average Irish home. If you are looking for a solar system for self-consumption, a 2kW will suffice your electricity need without falling short on required supply.

Way to Store Excess of Electricity for Later Use

In general, an average household in Ireland makes 70% to 80% of the electricity usage generated by a 2 kW solar panel system. Rest 20% can be saved for later use and a battery storage system can come in handy for power storage. In addition to the installation of solar panel in Ireland, we can install complete set-up of battery storage set-up to save excel os energy for later consumption.

Contact our solar panel consultants and let them know your energy requirement to cater you with our best offering for solar PV system at your site.

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