Heating Control Grants Ireland – Solar Panel Grants

The following Grants are available under the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme.

Grants for Insulation and Heating Controls are available to all homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2006.

Grants for Heat Pump Systems and Solar Thermal are available to all homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2011.

Further details are available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on 1850 927000 or email info@betterenergyhomes.ie https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/


As part of the SEAI Better Energy Homes programme, homeowners must carry out and publish a BER. This grant goes towards the cost of a BER assessment.

What is BER

BER stands for Building Energy Rating and a BER certificate is a label that tells you the energy efficiency of a building. BERs are a standardised way of rating and comparing the energy performance of different buildings so they allow prospective home buyers or tenants to judge the likely running costs of a property and easily compare one property to another. A BER certificate is only issued after a building has been surveyed by a qualified BER assessor, the building is then rated on an energy efficiency scale ranging from A, the most efficient, to G, the least efficient. https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/ber-grant/

Heat Pump Grants

SEAI offers grants for Heat Pump Systems.


Ensuring Your Home Is Heat Pump ready – the “Fabric First” approach.

One of the requirements for a dwelling in heating grants Ireland to qualify for a Heat Pump system grant is that the dwelling is well insulated and has a low heat loss. If the home is not properly insulated with heating controls grant it is highly likely that it will not be heated properly and the homeowner’s electricity bills will be higher than expected. To address this, SEAI has introduced a process to ensure that the homes are suitable for a heat pump based on a “fabric first” approach.

You can achieve this by insulating your home and/or by upgrading your windows. SEAI offers grants for home insulation.

Before applying for a heating grants Ireland you must engage an independent, SEAI Registered Technical Advisor. Your Technical Advisor will carry out a technical assessment of your home, and will advise you on what steps to take to make your home “heat pump ready”, i.e. to reduce the heat loss on your home. They will provide you with independent guidance on measures necessary to ensure that the dwelling fabric heat loss is lowered to an acceptable level for a heat pump system to perform effectively and efficiently. The required heat loss level is expressed as a Heat Loss Indicator of 2 Watts/Kelvin/m2.

The cost on an Independent Technical Advisor is approximately €475 however the Better Energy Homes programme offers a €200 grant towards the Technical Assessment of your home, with this grant only payable in conjunction with the heat pump system grant and heating controls grant. To qualify for this funding you must choose your Technical Advisor from the list of SEAI registered Technical Advisors, and complete the heat pump system and any upgrades required according to the programme rules.

Please note that uninsulated homes built more than 30 years ago may require substantial and costly Solar panel grants upgrades to qualify for a heat pump system grant.If you are looking for heating grants Ireland, then we can be a great approach for buying highly functional solar panel grants in Ireland.

SEAI has a list of registered Technical Advisors:- https://www.seai.ie/resources/find-a-registered-professional/SEAI-Registered-Technical-Advisors.pdf

The Independent SEAI registered Technical Advisor will carry out a technical assessment on the dwelling to determine the suitability for a Heat Pump system. The Technical Advisor will calculate the Heat Loss Indicator for the dwelling including the fabric and ventilation heat loss using Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) software.

The Heat Loss Indicator, or HLI, is the Total Heat Loss per m2 of dwelling and is used to determine a home’s Building Energy Rating (BER).

The HLI must be no more than 2W/K m2.

The Technical Advisor of heating controls grant will produce an Assessment Report which sets out the specifics for each individual home. It is likely to include recommendations to improve the insulation of the walls, attic and possibly floor. It may also require the installation of high-performance double or triple-glazed windows and doors.


To help with making your home eligible for a Heat Pump the SEAI also offers grants for three types of wall insulation (external wall insulation, internal dry lining and cavity wall insulation) as well as attic insulation. https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/insulation-grants/


Solar Thermal systems can help with making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. They are designed to meet 50-60% of your overall hot water requirement over the year, thereby saving you money on your annual hot water heating bills and you will also cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

Heating your water with Solar Thermal will reduce your energy consumption as you will be using your heating less. SEAI offers grants for Solar Thermal Systems. https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/solar-thermal-grant/

Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme


Free Insulation

Under the Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme – certain home owners in Ireland can get energy saving work done on their houses for FREE.

Who can apply

You must own and live in your own home

It must have been built and occupied before 2006

You must receive one of the following:-
  • Fuel Allowance as part of the National Fuel Scheme
  • Job Seekers Allowance for over six months and have a child under seven years of age
  • The Working Family Payment
  • One-Parent Family Payment
  • Domiciliary Care Allowance (with effect from January 1st 2018)
  • You must not have received works previously under the Warmer Homes Scheme
The energy saving measures currently available for free under this scheme are:
  • Free Attic insulation
  • Free Cavity wall insulation
  • Free Draught proofing
  • Free Hot Water tank Lagging jackets
  • Free Low energy light bulbs
  • Free Energy Advice

In 2016 €17m was spent in grant funding on this Better Energy Homes Scheme which resulted in over 15,000 homeowners being helped with energy efficiency works to their homes.

The government has said that anyone who previously received attic or loft insulation under the scheme, but did not have their cavity walls treated , can be revisited to now receive cavity wall insulation.

How the grant works

Subject to your eligibility for the scheme the next steps are:

  1. You will be contacted by a surveyor acting on behalf of SEAI who will arrange a time to visit your home.
  2. During the visit the surveyor will assess your home and ascertain the measures which may be required, such as grants for solar panels.
  3. If eligible works are identified, then an SEAI appointed installer will be assigned to your home. The installer will contact you to arrange a time to install the measures.
  4. Works are completed - the time taken to complete the works may vary from a number of days to a number of weeks. Installers offer a two year guarantee on all works carried out.
  5. A sample of recipient homes will be inspected to ensure that the completed works regarding grants for solar panels meet the required specification and standards.
  6. All homes receive a post works Building Energy Rating (BER).

Please note waiting times are impacted by the demand for the scheme. At present average waiting times are in the region of six to nine months. The scheme is eligible for co-funding from the European Union.

Warmth and Wellbeing Pilot Scheme


Healthier homes for those with chronic respiratory conditions

The scheme works on a referral basis. It aims to provide free, extensive energy efficiency Solar panel grants upgrades to eligible homes making the home warmer and cosier to live in. The upgrade to your home will also benefit your overall health and wellbeing, especially during the colder weather.

Energy efficiency measures available

A variety of energy efficiency upgrades are available through the scheme if you want grants for solar panels Ireland. If you have been referred, your home will be assessed by an SEAI surveyor to identify which upgrades are most suitable for your home. Improvements may be made to your:

  • Attic – insulation and ventilation
  • Walls – insulation and ventilation
  • Boiler – replacement, including heating controls
  • Windows and doors – replacement where inefficient

Delivered by SEAI, the government and the HSE

The initiative is led by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, along with the Department of Health and the Health Services Executive (HSE). Our role is to manage the delivery of free energy efficiency measures to eligible homes, working closely with the HSE.

No cost to you

Warmth & Wellbeing measures are carried out at no cost to the homeowner.

To qualify for the scheme

This is currently a pilot scheme so eligibility is limited. To receive support, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be living with a chronic respiratory disease and be referred to the programme by a HSE official;
  • You are aged 0-12yrs inclusive or 55yrs and over;
  • You must be resident in the house where the works will be carried out;
  • A member of the household must be in receipt of fuel allowance or the one parent family payment in respect of the child applying;
  • You must reside within the area designated for the pilot scheme, namely Dublin 8, 10, 12, 22 and 24;
  • The home must be owner-occupied or rented from a local authority/approved housing association.

Heating Control Grants Ireland – Solar Panel Grants
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