Avail Yourself the ‘SEAI Grant’ to Halve Your Insulation Cost

When it comes to ensuring the warmth within the walls of your home, you need to make sure that attic and roof of your home are insulated through and through. Insulation experts find poorly insulated roofs and attics the most significant reason for heat loss. Installation of heating control systems, solar panels, and Solar PV module can solve the problem, however, the installation cost of them may cost you a pretty penny.

‘Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’ (SEAI) work in partnership with people and conglomerates to make them rethink how energy needs to be produced and consumed all across the nation. The most meaningful thing that comes along SEAI’s efforts is – solar panel grants.

Don’t Let Funds Be a Problem to Home Insulation

Arranging funds for the installation of solar panels, external insulation, and heating control systems can put you in the middle of nowhere. But, you know, a problem shared is a problem halved. If finance is the problem to get your home insulated, external insulation grants offered by SEAI can come in handy in the course halving your overall insulation cost.

SEAI undertakes the “Better Energy Homes Programme” and heating control grant is offered as an aid to promote sustainable energy solutions. If you hold the certificate of Irish citizenship, you are entitled to a heating grants in Ireland offered by the SEAI.

Get Easy Heating Grant Approval with “Energy Craft”

Being a responsible vendor of solar panels in the region, we can be of your great assistance to get you heating controls grants in Ireland without putting much of you into it. To avail wall insulation and heating grant under “Better Energy Homes Programme”, wall insulation must achieve a U-value of 0.27 W/m2 K. By ensuring the required U-value as mentioned, we can ease up the path to bag grant for solar panels and external insulation.

To achieve the required U-value with our insulation job, we make sure that the product we make use of is in compliance with The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). Before jumping straight on the insulation things, we make sure beforehand that the products we use are suitable for your wall type.

Our line of insulation and installation are always in-line with the BEHP. Thus, we ensure that you don’t get any glitch with our insulation job to lose your grant.

SEAI heating grant boasts of a recurring cost-savings with a huge cut on your energy bills – that may sometimes sum up to €300 each year. Needless to mention the perk of comfortable living that comes with heating and insulation grant offered by SEAI.

Let’s get in on the act and turn the grant to good account to preserve our homes heat and our environment’s health.

Avail Yourself the ‘SEAI Grant’ to Halve Your Insulation Cost
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