Cavity Wall Insulation

A cavity wall consists of two rows of brick or concrete block with a cavity or space between them. Injection of insulating product from the outside is the best method for insulating this type of wall. This is a very cost effective and efficient method of insulating a home which can reduce the heat loss through external walls by up to 30%.

However, If the home is built using solid wall or hollow block construction methods, cavity fill insulation is not possible. There are however alternative options such as internal wall insulation (dry lining) or external wall insulation.

Cavity insulation is a layer of insulation which is pumped into the cavity of your walls and acts as a barrier, preventing the heat from escaping which leads to a more comfortable home and also lower heating bills.

Energy Craft bring you a cavity wall insulation system using a bonded polystyrene beads. The process involves drilling a series of small holes, approximately 22mm in diameter, on the outside of the house through which the beads are injected. As the beads are injected an adhesive is added which binds the beads together. This forms a layer of insulation that has no joints and gets into hard to reach places that conventional board insulation cannot cover. When the cavity is full the injection holes are filled using sand and cement and coloured if necessary to get the holes to match the original house colour

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