Reasons to Change Your Boiler

Replace or repair: 1.Lower Your Fuel Bills - There have been many improvements in design and operation of boilers in the past 5 years resulting in energy efficiency improvements. The modern condensing boiler is significantly more efficient that its standard-efficiency forerunner. Condensing boilers are the most efficient available as they convert more of the fuel used into useful heat, in comparison to old standard efficiency boilers. Recent research suggests that high-efficiency boilers are up to 35% more efficient depending on the age of your boiler. This can save a household hundreds of euro per year. Also, older models are likely to have a standing pilot light, which also uses energy and costs money. 2. Lower Maintenance Costs As the equipment ages it become less reliable. The older the boiler, the higher the maintenance cost usually is. Unless something serious goes wrong, replacement costs will always exceed repair costs, but the trend in maintenance costs is a more important factor. 3. Peace of Mind Identical boilers that operate in similar facilities often have widely different operation histories. Differences in set-up, operating practices, and maintenance often cause these variations. Take a look at your boiler’s maintenance history. If you find that you have been needing repairs on your boiler year after year, it might be time to consider replacing your boiler. This will reduce the amount of time you spend worrying if your equipment is going to go out on you and will also be cost effective, what price peace of mind. 4. Kinder to The environment Improve your carbon foot print and do your bit for the world. 5. Space Savings A further motivating factor in replacement rather than repair is household space and layout. Replacement is an opportunity to get your equipment off the floor and out of the way to free up space for more cupboards or worktops. What’s more, if you choose a condensing combi boiler you will have instant hot water, so there is no need for that hot water cylinder or airing cupboard which can be taken out. If they are housed in the bathroom, you will probably free up ample space for a walk-in shower. The modern boiler is also quieter.    

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