Solar Craft Link Exchange Policy Solar Craft knows that the practice of exchanging links is quite common and beneficial for the ranking in search engines. A proposed link exchange will always be considered with care. However before you submit your site to apply for our link exchange programme, please read and make sure that you comply with the following qualifications and link quality requirements :-

  • The organization/person requesting a link exchange should have some relation with Solar Craft, its business or fields of expertise.
  • Our link list will be expanded and reviewed on a monthly basis. Any links, which fails to meet our criteria,will be removed.
  • The list of links will be located on page: Throughout the website, external links may also be provided as an additional source of information.
  • Solar Craft is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.
  • Solar Craft will refuse adding links, which are from offensive sites, under construction or incomplete sites, unindexed/penalized sites, non-Irish sites (except suppliers sites), non-themed sites such as link farms and content poor advertising sites.
  • Solar Craft accepts only text links with your own description. We may edit links, which are too wordy or use too much marketing language. The request for image-based links will be refused.

To participate in Solar Craft’s Link Exchange Programme please contact us on

Links:-  Suntask,the world’s leading vacuum tube inventor and manufacturer.
Suntask Hot Water Heaters | Solar Collectors | China Manufacturer | Shentai Solar Energy

ICMA S.p.A., the Italian leading company manufacturing the highest quality European components for heating, cooling and sanitary systems for residential and industrial users.
ICMA | Pre-Assembled Groups For Solar System

EMZ Hanauer GmbH & Co KGaA, the German developer and producer of electromechanical and electronic components, subassemblies and complete units including high class control and regulator devices for the international heating industry.
EMZ Smart Solutions | Electronics For Solar Thermal Plants | Smart Sol Controller

Zilmet S.p.A., the global company with 50 year experience in manufacturing of membrane expansion tanks.
Zilmet | Solar Expansion Vessels | Solar-Plus

SEAI - Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Better Energy Homes Scheme.
BEH Grants | Solar Grants For Homeowners


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